Testing Page

On this page we provide tests to see if the browser and system supports Java 1.4.0 and higher.
After successfully running the tests on this page, das2 applications should be able to run as applets or WebStart applications.

First: Java Test Second: WebStart Test
No Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v 1.4 support for APPLET!! #1 </COMMENT> <p><FONT COLOR = "RED"> No JAVA detected!! </FONT> <P> You need to download a compatible version of Java. You may use <A HREF ="instructions.html">the instructions </A> on how to download, or you may go directly to the <A HREf ="http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/download.html"> Java 1.4.2 Download Site </A>to download a compatible version. Test WebStart with the Calculator.

In the space above, there is an applet that displays a line of text. Follow the below instructions accordingly.

  • A red line of text warns that your version is lower than required. Then you need to download a compatible version of Java. You may use the instructions on how to download. Or you may go directly to the Java 1.4.1 Download Site to download a compatible version.
  • Once you click on the Calculator link, after a short moment, you should see a small Calculator appear on your screen. This Calculator is functional if you happen to need a Calculator right away. If you do not see the Calculator appear after a moment, then you need to download Java WebStart.