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This is the root node of the federated das2 site catalog. By convention, each entry at this point anchors the top node of an organization's production das2 catalogs. Organizations with multiple independent internal groups using das2 should create a single institutional site catalog and link that here. Contact Larry Granroth at the University of Iowa to have your top level site catalog listed here. Das2 catalogs provide an informal Federation. If you have space physics or supporting data to share, your site is welcome to be linked here.

Catalog Path: tag:das2.org,2012:site  
Read From: http://das2.org/catalog/das/site.json

   import json
   import das2

   node = das2.get_node("site")

   # Pretty print node content
   s = json.dumps(node.props, ensure_ascii=False, indent="  ", sort_keys=True)
   # List and access sub-nodes
   subnode = node['jhuapl']

   #include <stdio.h>
   #include <das2/core.h>

   DasNode* pRoot = new_RootNode(NULL, NULL, NULL);
   DasNode* pNode = DasNode_subNode(pRoot, "tag:das2.org,2012:site", NULL, NULL);
   DasJdo*  pJdo  = DasNode_getJdo(pNode, NULL);
   size_t uLen;
   const char* sOut = DasJdo_writePretty(pJdo, "   ", "\n", &uLen);
   fputs(sOut, stdout);