Package org.das2.beans

Provides BeanInfos that wrap das2 objects to control the properties that are exposed.


Class Summary
AccessLevelBeanInfo This class is designed to implement access levels for bean properties.
AccessLevelBeanInfo.AccessLevel Type-safe enumeration class used to specify access levels for bean properties.
AccessLevelBeanInfo.PersistenceLevel this level indicates what persistence is allowed.
AccessLevelBeanInfo.Property AccessLevelBeanInfo.Property is a helper class for subclasses of AccessLevelBeanInfo to specify a list of properties in a way that is independant of the underlying Bean/PropertyDescriptor implementation.
AttachedLabelBeanInfo BeanInfo class for DasColorBar
ColumnColumnConnectorBeanInfo BeanInfo class for DasColorBar
DasAxisBeanInfo BeanInfo class for org.das2.graph.DasAxis.
DasColorBarBeanInfo BeanInfo class for DasColorBar
DasColumnBeanInfo Bean Info implementation for DasDevicePosition
DasLabelAxisBeanInfo BeanInfo class for org.das2.graph.DasAxis.
DasRowBeanInfo Bean Info implementation for DasDevicePosition
DasServerBeanInfo Bean Info implementation for DasDevicePosition
DataSetDescriptorBeanInfo Bean Info implementation for DasDevicePosition
ImplicitAccessLevelBeanInfo ImplicitAccessLevelBeanInfo makes any BeanInfo class look like an AccessLevelBeanInfo by implementing the default access level and persistence level settings.
RowRowConnectorBeanInfo BeanInfo class for DasColorBar
StackedHistogramRendererBeanInfo BeanInfo class for DasStackedHistogramPlot
StreamDataSetDescriptorBeanInfo Bean Info implementation for DasDevicePosition

Package org.das2.beans Description

Provides BeanInfos that wrap das2 objects to control the properties that are exposed. When the PropertyEditor is used to edit an object, it uses java bean conventions for identifying its properties. Properties of objects that do not have a corresponding BeanInfo are discovered using the java beans convention of looking for methods of the form getX() and setX() where X is the property name.

The BeanInfos also provide a mechanism where the writable property set can be reduced depending on the role of the person using the application. For example, application developers would have the ability to freely adjust all parameters, such as layout, datasets and rendering methods, while end users would only be able to control the timeaxis. This mechanism has never been used, but it's worth mentioning since the implementing code is in there.

Also a utility class, BeansUtil, provides methods for discovering object properties.

Note that this package might be removed in a future version of das2. We plan to make everything more beany, and the BeanInfos may be moved into the same directory as the Bean objects. Also, we expect that Java 5 annotations might be used to implement the access levels and other property metadata. Also, XMLEncoder might be used to encode the beans, instead of SerializeUtil.