org.das2.beans Provides BeanInfos that wrap das2 objects to control the properties that are exposed.
org.das2.client Provides classes for interacting with a das2Server, such as data set queries, authorization, and server identity.
org.das2.components Provides GUI components for building applications.
org.das2.components.propertyeditor Classes implementing the property sheet.
org.das2.components.treetable Contains classes implementing the TreeTable.
org.das2.dasml Package for implementing dasml, a language for describing das2 applications.
org.das2.dataset Provides classes and interfaces for combining Datums into structured DataSets, and operators for working with DataSets.
org.das2.dataset.parser Package containing parsers for creating data sets.
org.das2.dataset.test Classes for creating test data sets.
org.das2.datum Provides classes representing physical quanties.
org.das2.datum.format Classes for formatting a Datum to a String.
org.das2.event Classes for adding interactivity to the application components.
org.das2.fsm fsm contains objects that model files that are stored in a FileSystem with the filename parametric in time.
org.das2.graph Mostly contains DasCanvasComponents, which are components that live within the DasCanvas, and Renderers which draw on DasPlots.
org.das2.graph.dnd Contains Transferable classes for implementing the drop and drop in the IDE.
org.das2.graph.event Contains classes for implementing internal update event model of CanvasComponents.
org.das2.math Provides implementations of complex mathematical functions, such as FFT, Poisson distribution generator, contouring, interpolation, fitting, etc.
org.das2.math.fft Classes for performing generalized FFT transformations.
org.das2.math.fft.jnt This is the NIST FFT package, modified to use the ComplexArray interface.
org.das2.math.matrix Matrix class and inversion routine.
org.das2.persistence Classes useful for Plasma-Wave group applications. Provides classes for parsing and formatting das2Streams, and a few stream proof-of-concept stream operators that are not used. Classes for producing das2 Streams, useful for fun and testing only.
org.das2.system Application-level infrastructure, such as data set caching, worker threads, progress monitors, exception handling, logging.
org.das2.util Utility classes useful for the implementation of other packages, but not necessarily part of any one package.
org.das2.util.awt Utility classes for awt functions.
org.das2.util.fft Contains a 2^k FFT that was written early on.
org.das2.util.filesystem The fileSystem package introduces a filesystem abstraction that allows various types of file systems to be accessed in a convenient and uniform way.