Class TableDataSetGridder

  extended by org.das2.dataset.TableDataSetGridder

public class TableDataSetGridder
extends java.lang.Object

calculate TableDataSets with tables that are gridded in linear or log space.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static TableDataSet gridLog(TableDataSet tds, Datum xerror, Datum yerror)
          returns a TableDataSet where all the tables are gridded.
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Constructor Detail


public TableDataSetGridder()
Method Detail


public static TableDataSet gridLog(TableDataSet tds,
                                   Datum xerror,
                                   Datum yerror)
returns a TableDataSet where all the tables are gridded. That is, each table has tags that are uniform in log or linear space. Gaps are filled with getZUnits().getFill(), and cells are mapped to a set of cells with the yTagWidth.