Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
Das2DftAn amplitude preserving Discrete Fourier Transform converter
Das2PsdA power spectral density estimator (periodogram)
das_time_tBasic date-time structure used throughout the Das1 & Das2 utilities
DasBufLittle buffer class to handle accumulating string data
DasEncodingReading and writing values on das2 streams
DasIOTracks input and output operations for das2 stream headers and data
DescriptorBase structure for Stream Header Items
OobCommentDescribes human-consumable messages that exist on the stream
OobExceptDescribes an exception that can live in a stream
OutOfBandA container for Out-of-Band data
PktDescHold information for a single packet type in a Das2 stream
PlaneDescDescribes a data plane within a packet type
StreamDescDescribes the stream itself, in particular the compression used, current packetDescriptors, etc
StreamHandlerA set of callbacks used for input and output stream processing
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