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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
das2/buffer.h [code]Utility to assist with encode and decode operations
das2/core.h [code]A roll-up header for the core Das2 C-Library
das2/das.h [code]Core Das2 and Das1 C functionality
das2/das1.h [code]Das 1 Utilities Basic Das utilities
das2/das2io.h [code]Reading and writing Das2 Stream objects to standard I/O
das2/dataset.h [code]
das2/descriptor.h [code]
das2/dft.h [code]Provides a wrapper around FFTW for memory management and normalization
das2/dsdf.h [code]Utilities for parsing DSDF files into descriptor objects
das2/encoding.h [code]Defines storage and access methods for values in a Das2 Stream
das2/oob.h [code]Defines the "Out of Band" objects in a stream
das2/packet.h [code]
das2/plane.h [code]Header for Plane Descriptor Objects
das2/processor.h [code]Callback processing for das2 stream reads and writes
das2/server.h [code]
das2/source.h [code]
das2/stream.h [code]Objects representing a Das2 Stream as a whole
das2/units.h [code]Defines units used for items in the stream, most notably time units that reference an epoch and a step size
das2/utf8.h [code]
das2/util.h [code]
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